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  • Name: Daniel Davis
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My Bio

Avid RPG fanatic. Also like to design rules, places, items, and adventure ideas for game systems. I also create special effects for independent film with my wife Jayne and Ken Moss in our own fledgling company, Podunkville FX. Aside from that, I'm writing various novels and scripts, helping produce films and generally trying to break into film through the back entrance.

My Hobbies

SFX, writing, reading, RPGs, painting miniatures, and just about anything artistic.

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    Thanks for your feedback! :)
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    Yeah, I have a habit of using things other people would normally overlook. I'm an explorer, what can I say?

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    Thanks again for that Zombie Record Sheet, you rock man.


    Reply from SJV:

    No prob. I've got a lot of random junk laying around that I haven't been able to put back up after I lost my old website.

    Wow, someone actually used this. I set it up a while ago and only had the Yuku team as a friend all this time.

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